Oct 24, 2017: CBIFFAWS Regular Members Meeting

Nov 14, 2017: CBP - Trade Meeting | Tacoma

Nov 16, 2017: Broker Audit & Surveys -- presented by Richard Wortman, Esq.

Richard Wortman will be speaking on the topic of Broker Audits and Surveys. In light of the fact that Customs has recently announced that it will be performing “surveys” of brokers, Richard will speak about such topics as:
•           Powers of Attorney
•           Non-Resident Importers of Record
•           Reliance on Information from your client
•           Things you should do for your client as well as things you should not do
•           Are you acting as an “expert” for your client under the Mod Act
•           Where are your records stored?
•           Sharing information with non-licensed persons
•           Sample questions that Customs is likely to ask          
•           Recordkeeping

Richard M. Wortman, Esq.

Dec 14, 2017: CBP - Trade Annual Luncheon